Sports Solutions trio

Sports Solutions trio


Treat aching muscles and joints with these therapeutic stars.

Our Joint Support supplement treats joint pain from within by providing the body with the nutritional help it needs to speed up healing. A key ingredient is Glucosamine, which helps to rebuild cartilage, ease inflammation and increase elasticity.

Joint Therapy is a healing massage concentrate filled with a powerhouse of essential oils that deliver anti-inflammatory and pain-relief benefits directly to the site of pain. Arnica and Ginger ease stiffness and swelling, while Frankincense calms the mind and relieves pain-associated stress to improve your general sense of wellbeing.

The Muscle Recovery Gel contains natural anti-inflammatories and is formulated to help the muscles recover after strenuous exercise. Arnica offers natural pain-relief and helps to reduce bruising. Rosemary and Marjoram have a warming, antispasmodic effect on muscles, while Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Lavender cool and revive muscles and joints. Massage it in to relieve stiffness and tension in tender, inflamed, sprained, overworked and fatigued muscles.

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