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Rehydrating Bath

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This rich emollient is designed to moisturise and comfort extremely dry, cracked skin. It’s made from the finest waxes and is enriched with Shea Butter, known for its deep moisturising benefits as well as its anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains healing Calendula and nourishing Sweet Almond Oil, which penetrates deeply into the skin to stimulate repair.

A combination of the finest waxes ensures consistency in the molecular spread within the preparation.

Calendula conditions and heals skin. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties and helps to treat the symptoms of eczema.

Shea Butter is very high in healing Vitamin E. It softens, soothes and nourishes the skin.

Sweet Almond Oil is deeply conditioning and both nourishes and protects skin.

Soften a generous amount in the palm of your hand, then apply to the body before bathing. Massage gently in the water to create a slight lather and then pat dry.

Do not be tempted to rinse off all the Rehydrating Bath as the ingredients combine to form a protective, moisturising layer on skin.

It may be used in place of soap.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

Keeps my skin soft

Leigh-Anne - Cape Town

This is my one of my favourite products to use because it’s feels amazing on my skin with every use! I suffer from such dry skin and this is the only product that keeps my skin soft and silky smooth.

Works wonders

Lynette - Eersteriver

The Rehydrating Bath is a miracle in the harsh Cape Town winter. With it, your skin doesn’t even need extra moisturising. The healing effect of the Calendula does wonders for eczema.

Soft, silky skin


After rubbing the Rehydrating Bath all over my skin, by the time I get out of the shower, my skin feels as if I have showered in baby oil. Then I apply the Rehydrating Balm on my whole body, especially the dry areas and my skin feels soft and silky the whole day.

Removes the itch

Kim - Pretoria

The Rehydrating Bath is my favourite product. I have fibromyalgia and it is one of the products that helps when I have a flare up and my skin dries on my shins and lower legs and itches, my elbows pain and my knuckles get inflamed. This product nourishes and removes the itch and makes me feel normal again and not so inflamed. I also use it on my face when I feel flushed. It’s one of my must-have products for almost anything.

My skin hero!

Annamarie - Pretoria East

Goodbye dryness and itching, hello velvet skin. I suffer from severe dry skin, especially in the winter. This wonderful product is my skin hero!
It’s one of many Sh’Zen favourites that I can not do without.

Doctor’s choice


My husband is a doctor and he recently saw a seven-year-old girl with terrible eczema. Her whole body was scaly and infected. She had crusts on her eyelids and most of her face. She’d seen various dermatologists and tried all sorts of ointments – to no avail. Both my husband and I agreed that she try Sh’Zen’s Rehydrating Bath. I’ve just seen Liskhanya at the surgery again – and she gave me the biggest smile. She lifted her sleeves so that I could see her arms. Her eczema is GONE, all that is left are a few scars and a very dry skin for which I recommended the Rehydrating Balm. Her smile just lit up my day!

My eczema has gone!


I have suffered from eczema all my life and as I got older it got more and more debilitating. I’d seen several specialists and homeopaths over the years and spent thousands on medications, creams and bath additives. At best, I was able to keep it under control only with cortisone. At worst, my skin used to literally peel off when I removed my clothes at night. Then a friend told me about Sh’Zen. I was very reluctant to try a new product as anything besides pure glycerine soap and aqueous cream generally caused my skin to flare up. Eventually, after months of her nagging, I bought the Rehydrating Bath. I have never had a flare up of eczema since! I went from feeling like an ugly duckling (eczema is a very unsightly disease) to looking beautiful again.

Good for eczema


I’ve struggled with my son’s eczema for years, and have tried so many products that just didn’t work. But after just one week of using this in conjunction with the Rehydrating Balm, his skin is so much softer, his itch has gone, and he’s sleeping so much better.

Bye bye to cracked elbows


This is brilliant for cracked elbows. After just a few days, my elbows were smooth and soft again.

Great for winter

Miss Claire-Bella, beauty blogger

This is such a great product to use in winter. Besides it’s divine scent, it leaves your skin so soft and nourished. I use this as a foot balm at night and my feet have never felt so soft. I love it!

Leaves skin velvety soft


Using this product before having a shower or bath keeps my skin so soft and smooth. I don’t even need to use a cream after, and it lasts until my next shower. It’s also excellent when used as a shaving cream; it leaves my legs velvety smooth.

Miracle product


This is my miracle product. It moisturises, it comforts, it heals.


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