Sleep Easy Pillow Mist

Sleep Easy Pillow Mist

R215 100ml

Enjoy a better night’s sleep with this soothing spray filled with calming, sedative oils and wake up looking and feeling your very best.

Sweet Marjoram, one of nature’s most powerful sedatives, works to relieve anxiety, calm hyperactivity and ease headaches, migraines and insomnia.

Relaxing and calming Lavender soothes the nervous system to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety.

Lemon clarifies and revives, helping to relieve headaches and evoke positivity.

Geranium balances the hormonal system and helps the body to cope with stress.

Sandalwood is grounding and harmonising, helping to instil peace and tranquillity.

Mandarin, called the happy oil, settles the emotions and encourages positivity and relaxation.

All combined in a base of cooling, astringent Witch Hazel.

Spray liberally in your bedroom or over your linen and pillow before retiring to bed.

Note: The spray is safe to use for children. For babies under one year old, spritz some mist onto a cottonwool pad and place under their pillow.

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