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The Treatment Cream for hands

R229 100ml + 6 disposable gloves

A facemask for your hands, this ointment-like cream heals, conditions and brightens skin. Use it whenever your skin needs a special pick-me-up to deliver pampered, softened and thoroughly repaired hands.

Lime Blossom evens out tone, brightens skin and diminishes the appearance of age spots.

Aloe Vera soothes and heals skin and delivers deep nourishment.

D-Panthenol, a nutrient from the B vitamin family, moisturises skin and speeds ups cell regeneration.

Apply about 5ml and massage it well into your hands and cuticles. Maximise its benefits by wrapping your hands in the gloves provided for 15-20 minutes. This allows for deep penetration of the active ingredients and speeds up the regeneration process. Rinse off any excess under warm running water and pat dry.

The Treatment Cream can also be massaged in and left on overnight. In this case, use cotton gloves rather than disposable gloves.

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What other customers say

All day nurture


This leaves my hands feeling moisturised all day long.

Great for eczema sufferers


A couple of months ago my grandmother, who is 97, was diagnosed with eczema. I persuaded her to try the Treatment Cream. Well, what a difference it has made. She’s been able to stop taking the pills the doctor gave her, and her skin is soft and healthy again.

Works wonders


Together with the Exfoliating Cream, this product worked wonders on my daughter’s dry, flaky hands. After just one use, her hands were HEALED. All the cracks and redness on her knuckles were gone, and her hands looked stunning!

A facelift for hands


This is like a face lift for your hands. My hands were looking dry and old but after using the Treatment Cream I have noticed a huge improvement. This is an amazing product that leaves my hands feeling pampered and soft, and looking beautiful.


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