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After Sports Massage Oil

R289 100ml

Restore and revive tense and overworked muscles and joints with this soothing massage oil. It’s a 100% natural blend of essential oils chosen for their ability to relieve sore, stiff and aching muscles and joints. Apply it immediately after a workout and let its soothing ingredients bring you instant relief. You’ll also love it’s uplifting earthy, spicy aroma.

Arnica activates the metabolism and treats muscle strain or sprains.

Black Pepper warms aching muscles and helps to treat bruising.

Coriander is a natural analgesic and also helps to fight fatigue.

Clove has strong pain-relieving and disinfecting properties.

Sandalwood is excellent for treating dry, chapped or inflamed skin.

Apply before exercise to warm your muscles.

Apply immediately after exercising, or after a warm bath or shower, to relieve aches and pains. For best results, massage well into the affected areas.

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What other customers say

Speeds up healing


My husband was injured in a motorcycle accident, and this really speeded up his healing process. It helped with the bruising, the pain and the swelling. I would highly recommend it.

Bottle of magic


This is my new bottle of magic when it comes to muscular pains, strains and tension. I went rafting two weeks ago and hurt my bicep. The next morning, on the way to the abseil cliff, I massaged this oil into the muscle for about five minutes. The pain disappeared and the abseil was amazing!


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