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After Sun Soother

R269 100ml

This light, easily absorbed gel has powerful calming and soothing properties. It immediately cools sunburnt skin to neutralise pain and stinging. It also rebalances skin’s moisture levels, plus heals and regenerates damaged tissue.

Bisobolol, a concentrated form of Chamomile, calms skin and regenerates damaged tissue.

Menthol has an instant cooling and anaesthetic effect on skin.

Calendula has powerful skin healing properties and helps to repair sunburned skin. It is known to stimulate growth of new skin tissue and is a natural antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties.

Encapsulated Vitamin E rehydrates and repairs.

Allantoin heals and softens skin.

Grapefruit acts as a natural astringent and antiseptic.

Aloe Vera soothes, nurtures and reduces redness.

Apply immediately to taut, burnt skin and reapply frequently to reduce inflammation and rebalance moisture levels. Can be kept in the fridge to enhance its cooling properties.

Caution: do not apply near the eye area.

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What other customers say

It even helps soothe nappy rashes


We can’t go without the After Sun Soother. I always keep it in my fridge which makes it even more effective when applying it after a day out in the sun. I also use it to soothe oven burns and children’s head bumps – it really helps to prevent bruises. It even helps to soothe nappy rashes.

Helped soothe my 2nd and 3rd degree burns


The After Sun Soother was the first product I applied when I was seriously burnt with boiling hot water in December 2019. I then started using the the Fijnbos Cape Cactus Jelly and Fijnbos Facial Essence to assist me not having scarring from 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my tummy and upper legs. After 30 days there was only a red mark left.

Amazing product

Natasha Salkinder - Cape Town

My family have been using this After Sun Soother for many years – it is an amazing product.

Soothing on bites too


Such a great product, and not just for sunburn. It’s very soothing on mosquito bites, and takes the sting and itch away.

Burn relief


I burnt my thumb while cooking and this product brought me immediate relief. I could even see how the blister that was beginning to form went away.

Amazing product


This is an absolutely amazing product. I have a very fair skin and despite using an SPF 50, I did get burnt a few times this past summer. But by using the After Sun Soother, all redness was gone by the next morning – and I haven’t peeled at all. I also love how it cools your skin so you don’t have the uncomfortably hot after-sun feeling.



An absolute lifesaver when it comes to cooling sunburn and preventing peeling.


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