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Cellular Boost for neck and bust

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This rich, balm-like massage cream is formulated to protect and rehydrate your décolletage. It contains Pink and White Pamplemousse essential oils, which work to tone and plump up delicate skin, firm the breasts – and give skin a delightful, fresh fragrance.

A trio Pamplemousse oils tone and firm the skin. The high concentration of these oils also stimulates the lymphatic drainage system, which can help relieve inflammation and tenderness in the breast area.

Marula oil, rich in antioxidants, helps to repair and rejuvenate damaged skin.

Shea Butter, Palm and Sesame oils, all deeply penetrating and intensely hydrating, improve skin elasticity.

Massage daily into your neck and bust area to ensure your décolletage remains youthful, radiant and firm. For best results, use after a bath or shower, while skin is still warm but dry. Apply generously and massage in light, upward strokes from the chest to the neck. Use firm but gentle circular movements around the breasts.

NOTE: Regular massage of the breast area is an effective way to monitor any changes or abnormal growths in the breast as well as to improve the integrity of the skin and firm the underlying layers.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

Changed my life


I love the Cellular Boost for neck & bust not only for the gorgeous fragrance, the firming properties, doing the self-checks for lumps and bumps so necessary for breast health, but also because it is the product that launched the biggest change in my life; becoming part of this awesome company and leading the Cape Sapphire region.

Prevents ‘turkey neck’


I have been using the Cellular Boost for neck and bust for many years – day and night. It has prevented the ‘turkey neck’ looking skin on my neck and kept the skin on my décolletage moist, firm and looking younger.

I’m on my 253rd tube


I’ve been using this bestseller for 21 years, which means I am now on my 253rd tube. The daily application of this cream allowed my neck area to maintain its firmness and elasticity.

A lifesaver


This product is an all round winner! After my fibroid breast surgery, it was a lifesaver, and still is.

Essential for all women


This is an essential product for all women. It is moisturising, the ingredients calm you, and it makes your skin look much younger. I cannot imagine my life without it.

Awesome product


What a wonderful product! I can visually see the difference when I use this awesome product on my neck and chest area! And I love the fresh smell. A must-have product for every woman!

Most amazing neck cream


This is the most amazing neck cream ever! Over the years I have used a number of other brands, but the Cellular Boost is by FAR superior! And it has the most wonderful smell!

Wonderful scent


I just love its smell – it’s the best smell ever. And, yes, it really firms your bust and definitely keeps your neck and décolletage free of fine lines. Wonderful!

Recovery assistant


I use it every day. I had a mastectomy followed by radiation and this assisted in the recovery of my bust area. I love this product.

Self check reminder


I simply love the citrus smell of this gorgeous emollient. It helps me to remember to self check my breasts and arms. And as a nurse, it helps me to educate my friends about checking their breasts too.

Turns back time


This fragrant firming lotion is a solid staple in my beauty regimen. If you need to turn back time on your skin, this does it!

Healing cream


I don’t only use it on my neck and bust, but all over. This is a magical product that I am never without. For a bite, a chafe and even after shaving, this is a real healing cream.

Nobody should be without it


I love the Cellular Boost. I had a lump in my breast which prompted me to start applying it twice daily. On my follow-up visit, there was no evidence of a lump. I now use it consistently to maintain breast health. It also relieves any pain or tendernes. Plus the smell is uplifting – I always get compliments on it. Nobody should be without this amazing, amazing product!

It is the best

Cindy - Cape Town

I absolutely love the Cellular Boost for neck and bust. During my pregnancy it kept my skin soft and nourished and I firmly believe it played a vital role in my not getting stretch marks. I used it all over. While breastfeeding, it has eased discomfort and massage with this beautiful cream has saved me from blocked milk ducts and mastitis. On top of all of the benefits it also has a beautiful fresh fragrance that is uplifting and pretty. It is the best!

My fibroids are smaller


When I went for my first mammogram at age 38, my doctor discovered that I had fibroids. Fortunately they were benign and regular checks showed they weren’t growing in size. Yet they caused me such discomfort whenever I had my period that I didn’t sleep for three nights a month. Then a friend suggested I try the Cellular Boost for Neck and Bust. I didn’t believe a simple cream could make a difference but, after six months of using it, I no longer suffer from tender breasts at any stage during my cycle – and my latest mammogram showed my fibroids are smaller and my breasts are healthier than ever!

So much more than a body cream


I initially bought the Cellular Boost for Neck and Bust simply for its divine citrus smell. But I got so much more than just a scented body cream. Five years ago I had breast cancer – I had a lump removed and the lymph glands under my arm taken out. The scars were often quite tight and painful, and always left me feeling uncomfortable. After just two weeks of massaging my neck, breasts and arms with this cream every night, I feel so much better and my scars have even begun to look smaller.

Nothing else works as well


I absolutely LOVE this product. It smells amazing and works a treat. My décolletage looks fab. I have moved to the UK but still send for it because nothing works as well.

Love the citrus scent


Despite my 60+ years, I wear open-necked tops with utter confidence. I use this every day and it keeps my skin firm and supple. Plus the citrus scent is simply divine.

Makes me look younger


This is my FAVOURITE product. Not only does it enhance the elasticity and texture of the neck and bust area and remove fine lines, making it look younger, but it also leaves my skin feeling silky soft for the whole day. People cannot believe that I am 49. It also prevents that monthly pre-menstrual tenderness and engorgement, which I am pleased to say I no longer suffer from thanks to this amazing product.


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