Feet / Energising / Circu-Lite Concentrate for energised legs and feet

Circu-Lite Concentrate for energised legs and feet

R289 50ml

This reviving massage concentrate boosts circulation and reduces water retention to leave legs feeling instantly lighter and refreshed.

Tea Tree, a powerful antifungal and antiseptic healer, helps to ease muscle aches and pains and prevent bacterial and fungal infections.

Geranium, a natural adaptogen, has an overall balancing effect on the mind and body, helping to relieve stress and tension, and uplift body and mind.

Sage, antibacterial and analgesic, stimulates and boosts the lymphatic system, and helps to relieve aches and pains.

Tangerine, refreshing and uplifting, helps to boost circulation and reduce fluid retention.

Chamomile, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, helps to soothe and calm the skin, and promotes tissue regeneration and wound healing.

Peppermint, analgesic and antibacterial, is refreshing and cooling, helping to purify, energise and revitalise feet.

Basil, uplifting and clarifying, helps to relieve muscular pain and bring relief from fatigue and stress.

Rosewood, antiseptic and bactericidal, acts as a cell stimulant that encourages cell repair, renewal and regeneration.

Menthol, instantly cooling and refreshing, energises and invigorates tired, heavy feet and legs.

Add a few drops to hands and massage into the feet.  Alternatively, for a more intense treatment add a few drops to the Energising Cream for Heavy Legs and massage into feet using circular motions.

Safety: Keep out of reach of children

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Works wonders


I treat myself to a weekly foot massage with the Energising Oil and it works wonders to relax my feet, which often cramp because of the high heels I wear.


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