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Cuticle Cream for hands

R229 20ml

This intensive treatment cream heals and repairs damaged, split cuticles in record time. The result is nourished, smooth and supple cuticles, and healthier nails.

Allantoin is a soothing, non-irritating compound that works as an effective skin softener. It relieves dryness and encourages healing by stimulating the growth of new, healthy tissue.

D-Panthenol, a nutrient from the B vitamin family, moisturises skin and helps to improve wound healing.

If cuticles are dry and cracked cuticles, apply the Cuticle Cream two or three times daily until skin is healed. Then apply daily as a maintenance programme. The cream is quickly absorbed and can be applied at any time during the day.  In cases where cracking and splitting is severe, apply thickly and cover with a plaster overnight.

The Cuticle Cream has reparative qualities so can be used to fill other repair needs such as minor burns.

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What other customers say

The healing was super fast


The Cuticle Cream for hands saved me lots of money! A dog once bit me on my ankle. As I always have my Sh’Zen products with me, I immediately rinsed my foot with the Spa Additive for feet. After drying I started applying the Cuticle Cream to the bite mark and did so for three days every two hours. The healing was super fast and I don’t have a mark on my foot.

A match made in heaven


I suffer from extremely dry hands and split cuticles but since using this product in conjunction with the Matrix Oil, they’re completely recovered.

It’s amazing


I keep this on me at all times and rub a little in when my cuticles feel dry. It’s amazing; they stay soft and moisturised no matter what the weather.

Always on hand


I always have the Cuticle Cream at home. I started using it 21 years ago when my hands were in a shocking state with really bad eczema. The relief it bought is the reason I have never stopped using it, although I haven’t had a repeat attack since. My family love it too, and it has multiple uses. For example, it’s normal for any one of my family to grab it immediately to help ease small burns.


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