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Energising Cream for heavy legs

R259 75ml

This aromatic cream instantly alleviates the uncomfortable feeling of swollen legs and ankles. It has nine cooling, astringent essential oils that work to stimulate circulation, reduce water retention and relieve swelling. It’s the perfect rescue remedy if you’ve been sitting or standing for long periods of time, travelling or simply need to relieve discomfort and re-energise your feet.

Peppermint is cooling and refreshing, and helps to relieve pain and inflammation. Its combination of soothing and stimulating properties both eases muscle cramps during the night and kickstarts circulation in the morning.

Menthol produces an immediate cooling effect on the skin and works as a local anaesthetic to ease pain and reduce irritation.

Chamomile speeds up wound healing and alleviates swelling and water retention.

Tea tree is a powerful antiseptic that protects against infection, promotes fast wound healing and helps to neutralize scars. It also relieves water retention and swelling.

Geranium has antiseptic, astringent and deodorising qualities. It improves skin tone, reduces water retention and helps to lift the spirit.

Sage promotes overall skin health, soothes irritation and boosts circulation to relieve water retention.

Basil is a fast-acting analgesic that soothes aching muscles and joints.

Rosewood promotes skin rejuvenation and healing and has a comforting aroma that alleviates fatigue.

Mandarin regulates moisture balance and alleviates dryness while helping to relieve water retention.

Use 5ml of product and apply whenever legs feel heavy, particularly after sitting or standing all day. Begin at the ankles and massage the product right up to the top of the legs using light pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

Within seconds the pain is gone


The Energising Cream for heavy legs is my go-to product when I struggle with leg cramps due to long hours standing on my feet everyday. I apply it immediately and within second the pain is gone and it leaves me feeling fresh and energised.

Helps with restless leg syndrome


The great benefit of using the Energising Cream for heavy legs is that it helps me with circulation and has helped me not to have swollen legs at the end of the day. It assists me with my restless leg syndrome and has also help heal bruising that appears anywhere on my body.

Great results immediately


An amazing product that produces great results immediately after application. I love this product and even took it with me on Umrah (pilgrimage) as my physical strength was tested, and this product did the trick. Definitely would recommend it to all.

Oh so energising!

Penny - Pretoria

I can’t be without the Energising Cream. I had a flap done on my foot and it always feels dead and numb. But when I rub this cream on it,
it feels energised. Then I can walk and do my daily things. I just love it.

My lifesaver


This is a miracle cream for restless legs.

Great results immediately


The Energising Cream for heavy legs is an amazing product that produces great results immediately after application. I love this product and even took it with me on Umrah (pilgrimage) as my physical strength was tested and this product did the trick. Definitely would recommend it to all.

Works like magic


I love this minty green cream and its fresh, peppermint scent. It works like magic, instantly cooling and refreshing my tired, sore feet.

Constant pregnancy companion


This was one of my constant companions during my pregnancy! It is a lifesaver in a tube for a pregnant woman (or anyone else for that matter) who suffers from water retention in the lower limbs. It provides instant relief!

Makes me feel relaxed


I’ve suffered with sore feet ever since the birth of my daughter. But this helps tremendously, and I feel so relaxed afterwards.

Has a real feelgood factor


I’m a 70-year-old lecturer who suffers with circulatory problems in my feet. The other day I was in some pain and rather irritated when I spotted a tube of this. In desperation, and having nothing else to use, I massaged some into my feet before putting on my socks, on the off chance it might soothe my feet. Well I waltzed my way through the lecture I was giving that day and, although I still had to take some painkillers, the dosage I used was a lot lower than usual. I am now hooked on the stuff and use it daily. As an added bonus, my feet smell of peppermint and geraniums. It has a real feelgood factor.

Highly recommend it


I highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from constant aches and pains in their legs and feet. It refreshes and soothes uncomfortable legs and feet in no time at all.


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