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Fijnbos Restorative Bath Crystals

R369 450g

Practise some self-care, and enjoy a restorative spa-bath filled with the evocative healing energy of rare Fynbos essential oils. A warm bath with the Sh’Zen Fijnbos Restorative Bath Crystals will help to relax tired muscles, relieve tension, transform your mood while uplifting the mind, body and spirit.

Cape Rose Geranium, with its intense rosy-sweet aroma, is excellent for restoring radiance, suppleness and balance to all skin conditions. It’s a natural mood enhancer that helps reduce the feelings of stress, anxiety, and fatigue, whilst also helping to improve cognitive function and help balance the emotions and hormones.

Cape Snowbush is a restorative astringent that helps to prevent tissue degeneration and may accelerate skin healing. Warming to the emotions; it has uplifting and calming properties that help to clear the mind and dispel negative thoughts.

African Wormwood, from the Cederberg mountains, acts as a natural analgesic and has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help heal skin irritations. It can help counteract the feeling of helplessness and may assist with sleeplessness.

Cape Clary Sage has a regenerating action on all skin conditions. It has euphoric, uplifting properties to help reduce nervous tension by curbing anxiety and irritability, restoring clarity and calm to the psyche.

Cape May is a fragrant shrub with medicinal, skin-restorative properties. With its relaxing properties, it helps relax the body, reduce nervous tension and help to counteract feelings of anxiety, anger and stress. It may also help to dispel negative thoughts.

Cape Chamomile is a natural anti-inflammatory that instils a sense of wellbeing to both the skin and the psyche. It helps promote balance and calm, and at night it helps relax the body and mind for deep and peaceful sleep.

Witch Hazel revitalizes the skin.

Hand harvested Atlantic Sea Salt Crystals, rich in minerals, soften the skin and help to relax tired muscles easing away fatigue and stress.

Pour 5 – 10ml under warm, running water to create a fragrant bath. Lie back and relax.

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