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Flawless Finish Primer

R335 50ml

This wonderful primer delivers a smooth, even, porcelain-like complexion, whether you wear it under your foundation or on its own for a natural but polished finish. It contains Lipo-light, a unique luminescent ingredient that diffuses visible light to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and imperfections on the surface of skin. Apply the Flawless Finish Primer as the first step in make-up application – it creates a smooth canvas on which to apply foundation and keeps make-up looking fresher for longer.

Lipo-light, a unique luminescent ingredient, diffuses visible light to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and imperfections on the surface of the skin. It also evens out tone and texture and gives skin a radiant glow.

Fruit extracts and essential oils rich in vitamins and minerals feed, nourish and brighten the skin, and have anti-ageing and rejuvenating benefits.

Complete your basic cleanse, tone and moisturise routine. Then apply a small amount of primer to your fingertips and blend outwards and upwards from the nose in light, firm strokes. Apply your make-up over the primer, or leave your skin make-up free for a more natural but polished finish.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

Has taken years off my face

Rose - Cape Town

I always applied foundation as my ‘going out face’ – but now Flawless Finish refines my pores and evens out my skin tone so that I hardly ever wear foundation any more. My skin looks and feels wonderful thanks to this primer. It has taken years off my face.

It’s a winner


I have been using the Flawless Finish Primer for years. It helps my foundation go on smoothly, and makes it last longer. It does a little of everything – smoothing, hydrating and oil-controlling. It leaves my skin silky smooth and helps keep my make-up from fading. It’s a winner and I highly recommend it!

Confidence booster


It makes me feel like a new person, gives me confidence to face anyone because I know I’m glowing with this awesome product!

Smoothing effect


Once you start using the Flawless Finish primer you will notice that you don’t have to put on so much foundation. The smoothing effect it has on your skin makes it look like porcelain.

Porcelain finish


Gives my skin a porcelain finish. Even though I don’t use foundation, my skin looks truly amazing.

Image boost


At my age this product is a must. Because of its smoothing finish it gives me the image boost that I need – and the overwhelming compliments I get only ensure that I am never without this product.

Lasts all day


If you are looking for a product that will definitely make a difference then this is it. It delivers smooth skin and a proper glow. It’s also reliable as it lasts all day. Those are particulars that I look for in a product and this one never disappoints.

Photoshop in a tube


I have been spreading the word on this amazing product since I started using it a few years ago. I love make-up but have been cursed with combination skin with a shiny T-zone that is visible from space. This is like Photoshop in a tube. It complements my foundation, giving me flawlessly matte skin that lasts forever. I also wear it alone – and I don’t look like the sleep deprived zombie I normally do! This product is perfection.

My secret weapon


The magical Flawless Finish Primer is my secret ingredient for the perfect finished look with that added sparkle. Not only does it look good, it does good –softening fine lines, minimising blemishes and wonderfully moisturising my skin. It’s my secret weapon in my make-up bag.

Amazing glow


I love this product because it leaves my skin looking and feeling amazing. It also gives me the most amazing glow.

Make-up bliss

Stef - Western Cape

This product keeps reducing my pores and helps to refine my skin with each application. It really does leave a porcelain effect on the skin and I notice a positive change in my skin after every use. What a wonderful product!

The best primer


The Flawless Finish primer is such an amazing product. It’s the best primer I’ve ever used.

Lasts all day


I love wearing this under my foundation as it makes my make-up look really smooth and last all day! I also like that it isn’t slippery like other primers I have used, so my foundation actually has something to grip to instead of sliding around.

My new favourite


This is definitely my new favourite product. I have bad pigmentation on my face, but I don’t like wearing concealer and heavy make-up. Wearing this under my foundation has made such a difference and I received so many compliments!

Finish is lovely


The finish on the skin is lovely and I needed half the amount of foundation I normally use. It just glided on. And at the end of my day, my skin still looked matt and fresh.


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