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Matrix Oil for nails

R269 10ml

This rich massage oil feeds the nail where it needs a boost the most, in the matrix. The rollerball applicator makes it easy to apply and allows Vitamins A, D and E to be absorbed directly into tissue below the nail bed, where they promote nail growth, strength and vitality. Nourishing essential oils soften skin and promote cell regeneration.

Vitamins A, D and E promote nail growth, strength and vitality. The combination of vitamins also repairs scar tissue in the nail matrix and so prevents the formation of bumps and ridges on the nail.

Carrot, Grapeseed and Jojoba oils nourish the skin around the nail and promote cell regeneration.

Wheatgerm, a natural Vitamin E carrier, stimulates the formation of new skin cells.

Sweet Almond oil softens and soothes skin.

Roll on to the nail bed and massage in. The fine oil is quickly absorbed so there is no waiting time before using hands. The enriched ingredients also mean that only a small amount needs to be used to achieve positive results. In the case of badly damaged nails, use it daily. For the maintenance of healthy nail growth, use it weekly.

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Best product ever!

Teresa - Caledon

I had a toe nail fungus and started using the Matrix Oil. My nail was nearly falling off when I started with it. Now you would never know I’d had a problem. My toe nails have healed completely and are stronger than ever. Thank you Sh’Zen for this stunning product.

Perfect handbag essential

Miss Claira-Bella, beauty blogger

Every child can remember getting cuts, bruises and burns, but it’s not often that we remember all the ‘secret’ remedies our mothers used to make the ‘ouchies’ go away. For me, I remember Sh’Zen’s Matrix Oil being a very helpful cure for my grazes, sunburn and even bee stings. This little bottle of golden miracles has tons of muti-uses and I can confidently say that it is the perfect handbag essential!

What a great product.


My nails are now healthy and white, even the severely damaged nail on my big toe.

It has transformed my nails


This product has given me long, beautiful, natural nails that don’t break.

I can’t live without it


Never did I believe that I could have such beautiful looking nails! I was a nail biter for 15 years, then an acrylic nail wearer for the next 15. Now I have healthy, strong, natural nails that grow so well that I have to file them down every week! That’s thanks to using the Matrix Oil every night. It has become a can’t-live-without product. I live in the US and have never found anything as effective here. Whenever I or a friend heads back to SA, we stock up, as simply nothing else compares to this amazing product.


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