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Midnight Recovery Elixir

R459 30ml

This facial essence contains rejuvenating oils to restore skin while you sleep. Neroli is a wonderful tissue regenerator, Ylang-Ylang relaxes the facial muscles to smooth out fine lines, Mandarin brightens and Lavender soothes. The mix of botanicals also still the mind and promote better sleep – because good sleep is the best beauty enhancer of all.

Neroli is a wonderful tissue regenerator that improves skin elasticity. On an emotional level, it instils a deep sense of tranquillity.

Ylang-Ylang relaxes the facial muscles and smooths out fine lines. It also has a relaxing effect on the central nervous system.

Mandarin brightens the skin and diminishes the appearance of scars and age spots. Fresh and euphoric, it also helps to reduce anxiety.

Marjoram helps to clear up skin disorders, plus improves microcirculation. It’s deeply calming and eases tension headaches.

Lavender is the rescue remedy of choice for all skin conditions, soothing inflammation and healing scar tissue. It also brings natural, restful sleep.

After your night-time cleanse and tone routine, apply a few drops onto your fingertips and massage into skin using gentle, circular upward movements.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

I feel radiant and restored

Amanda Cole

I always suffered from bad skin from acne to uneven skin tone, and after discovering this Midnight Elixir I feel so refreshed from bad skin to recovering skin during the evening. This really restored my skin and I am now a full-on Sh’Zen lady from the purifying cleansing wash to the day cream including the cool mist love love and my nights just became rejuvenating and feeling refreshed all thanks to Sh’Zen Family, friends and old school friends ask me what happened to my skin a simple answer Sh’Zen. I feel radiant and restored.

keeps my skin radiant

Charlotte Pretorius

Sh’Zen Midnight Recovery Elixir keeps my skin radiant with a natural glow. It also helps my skin to be wrinkle free at 60 years of age. Also love the smell of this product – all the Sh’Zen products that I use smell wonderful.

Happy wife, happy life!

Trevor Naidoo

My wife simply adores this product. She’s such a beauty critic, but she insists that it works wonders. Her skin feels & looks amazing, which is great. Fortunately, I’m not sure if I’m thinking this, but she manages to sleep better, which is the best beauty enhancer of them all. One cannot go wrong with this class act.

A journey of relaxation and well-being

Naadia Unnus

This product takes you on a journey of relaxation and well-being. It has soothing, balancing and calming properties. It’s great for smoothing out those fine lines that showed up in my late thirties. It’s a spa-like feeling at home…

Wake up refreshed and ready

Karlien Fourie

An absolute must have. After applying the Midnight Elixir I sleep like a “baby” and wake up refreshed and ready to start selling it.

Feel and look beautiful

Anu Naidoo

Midnight Recovery Elixir is a miracle working product for my facial skin, with so many great benefits, smoothens my fine lines and brightens my skin and helps with sleep. It has a calming and relaxing effect. I highly recommend the use of it as it makes skin feel and look beautiful.

Beauty sleep aroma

Janice Hawkridge

My skin just doesn’t feel right the next day if I miss using my Midnight Elixir. As an added benefit, I am sure my brain is wired to sleep better when I inhale the aroma.

Heaven’s drops

Adri Ras

This is not only a beauty oil, this is heaven’s drops. Only a few drops at night in your palms, you slowly inhale it and a wonderful soothing feeling enters your senses. It relaxes immediately and ensures a good night’s rest. You then pat it softly on your face and neck. The following morning your face feels like silk. This is an absolute must have in your skin and health routine.

Feeling radiant and confident

Debbie Abrahams Roodt

Absolutely love the way it soothes my skin, leaving my wrinkles feeling softer, and me feeling radiant and confident.

Absolutely a must-have

Shaheda Brown

Absolutely a must-have in your daily facial routine, at night your pores are more active and with the use of Sh’Zen’s Midnight Elixir you cannot go wrong

I simply love this

Zulfa Asmodien

Love the smell of this product it is really a miracle has lots of great benefits and it also helps me sleep like a baby. I simply love this product it works like a bomb my skin looks so radiant and glows I look good and I feel good about myself. I have tried so many products on the market and I feel that this product really works for me thanks to Sh’Zen for this amazing product and it’s definitely value for your money.

Like magic in a bottle!

Denise Moorby

I’m totally obsessed with the midnight recovery elixir! It’s like magic in a bottle! Just a few drops at night, and bam! My worry lines vanish, and I sleep like a dream. And get this – it works wonders for my husband too! I swear by this stuff, especially during those crazy, stressful days. It’s like my little secret weapon for staying calm, centred, and ready to take on anything!

Look and feel younger

Shereen Johnson

I just love this amazing product it restores and relaxes my facial skin overnight. I can see the radiance in the skin and it works for anti-ageing, you look and feel younger I would recommend it as the perfect product to use.

Quality sleep that no money can buy

Zebi Pati

The Sh’Zen Midnight Recovery Elixir has the ability to calm my senses and enables me the comfort of a quality sleep that no money can buy. The bonus is that I wake with a radiant glow and soft plump skin that makes me look years younger. I use this product mostly because of the awesome aroma it has and what it does to my mind after an extremely hectic day. The rest is an absolute bonus.

Brighter, more radiant skin

Dorothy Davidtz

This product is an absolute must-have! It’s ideal for facial massage at night before beauty sleep. Made my skin brighter, and more radiant.

Enhance your beauty with a natural glow!

Lelanie Clark

What a wonderful oil that not only smells divine but hydrates my skin and helps me sleep better at night. This oil is a must-have for every woman to soften those fine lines and enhance your beauty with a natural glow!

My absolute go-to!

Margie Peel

My absolute go to every evening before bedtime. Breathe in the scent of essential oils and botanicals to relax and have a good night’s sleep.

Deeply relaxing and regenerative

Brad W - Johannesburg

I have ultra sensitive skin prone to rosacea and frequent incidences of dehydration. This elixir is not only soothing, but smells heavenly, adding to my pre-sleep meditation ritual. It soaks right into my skin without any oily residue and, best of all, my skin looks radiant upon rising. Combined with the Cape Cactus Jelly, this is now my go-to every evening, and the expensive French products I have used for years, have now been shelved.


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