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Natural Tissue Oil

R329 100ml

This deeply nourishing massage oil improves the texture of your skin to leave it soft and radiant. It contains Carrot Oil to condition and moisturise skin, Calendula to heal and soothe skin, Vitamin E to improve skin elasticity, and Arnica to ease strained muscles. Massage it in after bathing for skin that looks, feels and smells beautiful.

Vitamin E improves skin elasticity.

Carrot oil softens and smooths the skin and promotes cell rejuvenation.

Calendula oil has healing, soothing and softening qualities, making it perfect for treating itchy skin conditions and wounds.

Arnica, with its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, relieves and treats muscle aches, spasms, sprains, bruises, swelling and rheumatic pain. Plus it’s calming, grounding and promotes emotional wellbeing.

Dry your skin vigorously to improve circulation then firmly massage the Natural Tissue Oil into the skin.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

Works wonders


I have been using the Natural Tissue Oil for ages and it is excellent on my face and body. A great benefit is that it really treats and moisturizes my skin after waxing or shaving so I have no redness or itchiness. I use it on my scalp if I have dryness or dandruff too. I absolutely love this product.

Healed my skin


Thanks to the Natural Tissue Oil I can wear T-shirts again. Exposure to the sun as well as radiation after the removal of a cancerous growth on my thyroid (28 years ago) left the skin on my neck thick and red, resulting in me always wearing collars and scarves to hide it. I found that using the quick-absorbing tissue oil regularly at night reduced the redness and left the skin smooth and soft.

Calming & healing


Sh’Zen Natural Tissue Oil not only moisturises but heals my skin. Perfect for aches and bruises and has wonderful calming properties.

Incredible product


The Natural Tissue Oil keeps my skin soft, smooth and moisturised. It’s always a skin saver for dry, damaged skin. This product is incredible.

No stretch marks!


Despite losing 20kg in the last year I hardly have a stretch mark thanks to this wonderful oil.

Healthy glow


This is one of my favourite products. It gives my skin a healthy glow and leaves it feeling so much softer and smoother!

Food for skin


This is like food for my skin! It leaves it in such good condition. Everyone should try it!


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