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Overnight Balm for feet

R259 125ml

Buy both the Overnight Balm + Scrub Stone for feet for R299 SAVE R159

This luxurious heel balm repairs and prevents cracked, ridged heels – allowing you to bare smooth, beautiful feet in no time at all.

Jojoba is a liquid wax that is rich in Vitamin E and other antioxidants. It absorbs well to nourish skin and lock in moisture.

Wheatgerm repairs dry, damaged skin, improves skin elasticity and provides deep nourishment.

Avocado is rich in Vitamins A, D and E, potassium and lecithin. It works to soften and condition skin and improve skin elasticity.

Sweet Almond oil is deeply nourishing. It smooths rough skin and seals in moisture to leave skin soft and conditioned.

Chamomile has powerful calming properties and works to soothe dry skin, treat eczema and stimulate tissue regeneration.

Horse Chestnut extract is an anti-inflammatory that soothes swelling and joint pain, plus it has cooling, astringent properties and boosts blood circulation.

Pine Bud extract has strong disinfectant properties and acts as an antibacterial and antiviral agent. It also works to cool and soothe skin, and boost circulation.

Apply to clean feet just before bed. Massage in with your fingertips, using a clockwise, circular motion. To further break down hard, stubborn skin, rub the Scrub Stone gently but firmly over your heels the following morning. For best results, use every night.

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What other customers say

Remarkable product

Rickie - Sedgefield

I was introduced to Sh’Zen products 20 years ago and have used most of them – but my absolute favourite is the heel balm. It makes my feet and especially heels soft and silky. I can apply it at night and get into bed without worrying that there will be oily marks on my bedding. A truly remarkable product.

You have to try this!

Priscilla - Pretoria

My favorite product from Sh’zen. I bought this because it was a bestseller and I was so impressed I cannot live without this product anymore. I put it on my feet at night and in the morning my feet are smooth and soft. I couldn’t believe how big a difference this product made overnight. Try this and you won’t regret it!

Really works

Nadine - Cape Town

This is one of my favourite Sh’zen products. I apply it to my feet at night before bed and wake up with soft, moisturised feet. I have very dry feet and this is one of the few products that has really worked for me.

Miracle cream


Let’s face it, a stunning outfit and stylish shoes lose their glamour when you look down to see ugly, dry, cracked heels! Having suffered from this condition myself, I found the Overnight Balm a miracle cream. I was so confident of its healing ability that I sold it with a money back guarantee. And, guess what? I never had to pay anyone back, I just accumulated more satisfied clients.

Can’t sleep without it


I keep a tube next to my bed as I simply cannot go to sleep without first rubbing my feet with my Overnight Balm.

Best foot cream


Over the years I had tried everything to get my feet soft, but nothing worked. Then I was introduced to the Overnight Balm. Within a week I could see a dramatic improvement in my feet. It is definitely the best foot cream I have ever used.

My favourite product


My most favourite product! It smooths and softens my feet instantly, and I don’t have to worry about dry, cracked heels when I want to wear smart sandals. Amazingly, it’s also healed my thick, damaged toe nail so that it now looks normal.


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