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PhytoExquisites™ Calming Melt-In Mask

R425 75ml

This luxurious recharging treatment enhances the overall condition of skin in just minutes – leaving it plumped up with moisture and looking luminous. Blue Chamomile, rich in anti-inflammatory Azulene, cools and soothes skin and brings its moisture and lipid content into harmony. Apply it twice weekly to give dry, lacklustre skin a much-needed boost, or use it whenever needed to calm sensitised skin or skin that has had too much sun.

The PhytoExquisites™ trio of Rose, Neroli and Jasmine rejuvenate skin and help to minimise the appearance of fine lines.

Aloe Ferox, Shea Butter, Rosehip, Avocado and Grapeseed oils provide a rich, creamy base and feed the dermis with a cocktail of vitamins and essential fatty acids that deeply nourish skin and improve its elasticity.

Blue Chamomile, rich in anti-inflammatory Azulene, cools and soothes skin and brings its moisture and lipid content into harmony.

Lavender and Rosewood calm, decongest and revitalise skin.

Apply a thick layer over the face and neck. Massage into using upward circular movements to stimulate circulation. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the actives to penetrate the skin. Remove any residual mask with damp cotton wool pads or with a damp face cloth soaked in warm water, or massage the residue into the skin.

The mask can also be left on overnight, especially if skin has had too much sun.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

My skin glows with health


I love the PhytoExquisites™ Calming Melt-in Mask as it is the perfect mask to enhance the overall condition of my skin in just minutes. I use it twice a week by applying a thick layer over my face. I can see how my skin soaks it in showing me there areas where my skin is dry. My skin’s moisture levels are restored and my skin feels hydrated and glows with health with every use.”

Gives radiance!


My best PhytoExquisites™ product is the Calming Melt-In Mask, no matter how dry my face, this luxurious mask nourishes, moistures and gives radiance in the wink of an eye! Plus, the gentle aroma is uplifting!

Illuminates my skin


I use and love all the PhytoExquisites™ products but if I had to choose my favourite product it would be the PhytoExquisites™ Calming Melt-in Mask. I use it twice a week religiously as part of my self care pampering evenings and whenever I’ve been in the sun too long. This luxurious cream, with the beautiful floral fragranc, deeply moisturises and illuminates my skin. I’m instantly calmed down once I’ve applied it and usually have a restful night, waking up to gorgeous, radiant skin in the morning.

Great for sunburn


My family and I got badly sunburnt recently and, with no after-sun soother, I rubbed the Calming Melt-in Mask into all of us. The result was amazing. There was no burn or tenderness the next day and not one of us peeled!

My favourite treatment mask


This is my favourite beauty treatment mask to use. It’s luxurious and creamy and the floral fragrance is divine. Since using the mask, my skin has calmed down considerably, is less prone to redness and stays hydrated for longer.


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