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PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream SPF 30

R459 50ml

Restore a youthful radiance with this luxurious day cream that nourishes skin to improve its texture, tone and elasticity. The floral actives and Pearl extracts ensure long-term hydration while SPF 30 protects against the harmful effects of the sun.

Rose, Jasmine and Neroli feed and oxygenate the skin, help to diminish the appearance of fine lines and preserve the skin’s natural youthfulness. Together they promote skin elasticity and promote radiance.

Baobab, Blackcurrant, Camellia and Avocado oils increase the moisture content of the skin and deliver essential fatty acids to assist in skin repair and renewal.

Pearl extracts re-energise the skin and enhances its texture and appearance.

Floral waters provide long-term hydration.

SPF 30 protects against the harmful effects of the sun and our environment.

Apply to a perfectly clean face in the morning, or before re-doing your make up.

Massage gently into face and neck with fingertips, using upward circular movements to stimulate circulation.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

I am a ‘Phyto’ girl at heart


I am a ‘Phyto’ girl at heart and absolutely love the PhytoExquisites™ range, but my absolute favourite is the PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream SPF 30. Using this fabulous product has made my skin radiant and it feels so comfortable. I know I’m covered, especially when I am outdoors because I know the Day Cream will protect my skin.

It protects my skin from the sun


My favorite Sh’zen PhytoExquisites™ product is the amazing Day Cream SPF 30.
It gives me the privilege to go to work and start the day with a great mood. Even on a Monday morning!
This day cream supports the type of skin I’ve got, which is a very sensitive one, and I am very prone to acne, especially on my cheek area. It also doesn’t take long for me to get sunburnt due to my light skin. This cream helps me with exactly just that – it protects my skin from the sun and that’s a key factor which I’m very thankful for. It has a flowery, fresh and clean smell. This product keeps me going day by day! I will recommend it for all types of sensitive skins and non-sensitive skins.

Gentle on my skin


The PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream SPF 30 is awesome. I love this brand, the quality and it is affordable. I love this cream because it is gentle on my skin and non greasy, has a light feeling and it protects my skin from the harsh elements being in sunny Durban.

Soft and supple skin


Sh’Zen’s PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream SPF 30 easily absorbs into my skin and makes it so soft and supple. It improved my sun-damaged skin tone and re-energises my skin daily. This day cream has a wonderful smell yet it does not cause harm to my sensitive skin. Also to top it off – it has SPF 30 so no need to apply or purchase a sunscreen separately.

Protects from harsh elements


The PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream SPF 30 is revitalises my dry, winter skin. It has an awesome creamy texture and it protects my skin from all the harsh elements.

Long-term hydration


I love that it nourishes skin to improve its texture, tone and elasticity. The floral actives and Pearl extracts ensure long-term hydration for my skin.

Everyone guessed my age to be younger


I cant do AWAY without my PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream SPF 30. I received such beautiful comments from young girls on my 61st birthday. They all commented on my skin and everyone guessed my age to be younger. I felt awesome thanks to Sh’Zen for giving me the look of young!

I cannot go without it


The PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream SPF 30 is an amazing product that I cannot go without. Hydration that is noticeable immediately, yet fast absorbing. When going outside I immediately know when I didn’t apply it. My skin will feel dry, itchy and have a burning sensation the moment the sunlight hits my face. I cannot go without it.

I feel as if I’ve just gotten a facial


I love using the PhytoExquisites Day Cream SPF 30. It moisturises my dry skin in a way no other day cream can. The added SPF 30 also protects my highly melanated skin. And it smells amazing too! Every time I apply it, I feel as if I’ve just gotten a facial.

Gentle and very effective


This cream has dramatically improved my skin condition. My skin is much more firm, smooth, and has a beautiful glow. The cream is gentle and very effective. My skin is moisturised and protected in the sunlight. I highly recommend this product.

Youthful radiance


The PhytoExquisitesTM Day Cream SPF30 restores a youthful radiance and nourishes my skin to improve its texture, tone and elasticity. Rose, Neroli and Jasmine essential oils feed and oxygenate my skin, helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and protect and preserve my skin’s natural youthfulness.

Never want to use anything else


In 2008 I was introduced to Sh’Zen by a friend. I started using the PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream SPF 30 and I have never looked back. People don’t believe me when I tell them my age. I would highly recommend this to people with dry and sensitive skin. It’s also been formulated especially for our South African sun with a SPF 30. So go ahead and try it. You will never want to use anything else.

The best decision


I have tried many creams that leave my skin either too dry or too oily. I have always been a fan of Sh’Zen products so I decided to try out the PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream. It was the best decision I’ve ever made! It’s the perfect balance for my sensitive skin and makes it so hydrated. I am so glad to have tried this product – it makes my skin glow!

Soothes & protects


I love it because I am sun-sensitive due to lupus and have extremely dry, hyperpigmented skin that it soothes, protects and moisturises. It also doesn’t cause breakouts for me.

Perfect accessory


I’ve only been using the PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream for about two months and I can already see a massive difference in my skin. My skin feels hydrated and moisturised during the day with no dryness. It’s  the perfect accessory for my dry combination skin. I love this product!

Heaven sent


After struggling for most of my life with facial products making my eyes red and itchy, it was a heaven-sent moment when I used the PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream and had no adverse reaction to it. On top of that, my skin feels amazing and it contains SPF 30. Win, win, win! After four years, I will never look back.

Magic for my skin


I love, love, love this product. It absorbs into my skin so quickly and easily, smells divine and works instantly. Sometimes I have a bit of heat rash on my face, making it very sensitive and applying this immediately relieves the discomfort. Using this with the Floral Hydrating Mist is like magic for my skin… It’s so soft I just can’t stop touching it.

A winner!


I’ve been using this for nine years and it still does exactly what it says and more. My skin is healthy and glowing. It’s a winner all the way.

Can’t do without it


This is the only day cream with SPF 30 that works for my skin after I was diagnosed with rosacea. I can’t do without it.

Basic essential!


I have never before found a product that agrees with my sensitive skin like this day cream does. When I first started using it 10 years ago, everyone started asking what I was using on my face. I’ve never looked back! This is my basic essential need!

I love this range!

Martha - Rosebank

I love my Sh’Zen PhytoExquisites™ products. I’m a loyal customer and it’s paid off. I’m turning 40 and have no signs of wrinkles thanks to these proudly South African products.

It feels so great!


I started using this product a month ago and absolutely love it. My skin was very dehydrated but now it has a natural glow to it. I am getting compliments on how soft and smooth my skin looks and also that I have suddenly started looking years younger. Wow, it feels so great!

The best skincare range!


What a change! My skin went from drab to fab within a week. All my friends wanted to know what I was using. This is certainly the best skincare range that I have ever used.

Accelerated skin repair


I am very impressed with the PhytoExquisitesTM Day Cream SPF30, Facial Essence and Regenerating Enzyme Gel. I had facial surgery three months ago and the scars were very obvious. All the recommended products for scars are very noticeable once applied and I could not use them during the day. Using Sh’Zen, however, worked very well and the products have so accelerated the repair process that my scars are nearly invisible. They have also restored elasticity to my eyelids so that I quickly regained normal use.

A pleasure to use


It’s a pleasure to apply the PhytoExquisitesTM Day Cream every morning. It has such a lovely fragrance and a beautiful texture. The cherry on the top is that it contains a sunscreen that is not sticky or uncomfortable on the skin.


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