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PhytoExquisites™ Radiant Serum

R559 R389 30ml


A potent revitalising formulation, this serum provides a ‘facelift in a bottle’. It immediately enhances the complexion, evens out tone and restores a youthful glow to skin. Massage it into skin morning and evening for an instant radiance boost and for skin that looks visibly smoother and firmer.

Aloe Ferox and Baobab oils are both packed with the vitamins and minerals that support skin and work to maintain moisture levels and rejuvenate tissue.

French Rose Water provides long-term hydration.

Blackcurrant and Camellia oils contain essential fatty acids that help to improve skin’s elasticity.

Rosehip Oil minimises age blemishes and works with the PhytoExquisites™ trio of Rose, Neroli and Jasmine to refine, resurface and re-texturise skin.

Apply to clean, dry skin. Massage into the face and neck with the fingertips, using upward circular movements to stimulate circulation. Use just before applying your PhytoExquisites™ Day Cream SPF 30 or blend with the Facial Essence for a super-rich massage.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

Maximum results


From the first day the PhytoExquisites™ range was launched I have never used any other facial product. My skin looks radiant, younger and it makes me feel good too. My absolute favourite product is the PhytoExquisites™ Radiant Serum. It is an instant facelift in a bottle. When ever I need that extra pick me up and instant glow this is my go-to product. Dinamite surely comes in small bottles. The best of all it is value for money and the product is very concentrated so that a little is only necessary to give maximum results.

Refined and radiant


I’m absolutely head over heels in love with my PhytoExquisites™ Radiant Serum, especially after I have used the Sh’Zen Micro Needle Derma Roller on my face and neck. I can actually feel how my skin penetrates the serum as soon as it is applied. My skin just looks absolutely refined and radiant!

Pamper session in a bottle


The PhytoExquisites™ Radiant Serum makes my skin feel so soft and ultra-moisturised. It’s delightful scent reinvigorates my mood. A perfect session in a bottle!

Stunning product


The PhytoExquisites™ Radiant Serum is a stunning product that sorts out my fine lines and sensitive patches. I love the silkiness of it. I can literally feel its magic!

Gives me confidence


The PhytoExquisites™ Radiant Serum is my ‘Face Lift’ in a bottle. My skin looks and feels amazing after each application and it gives me the confidence to step out and start the day on a high.

Soft and silky


The best kept secrets were launched in 2007 and I have never stopped using my favourite PhytoExquisites™ products. The Radiant Serum is soft and silky and I use it every morning. It’s water based therefore not oily and is quickly absorbed. It’s great especially in the hot summers in Durban. I am often asked what makes my skin so radiant – its simply a combination of the superb PhytoExquisites™ products, but no doubt the Radiant Serum has a lot to do with it!

My ultimate go-to facial product


The PhytoExquisites™ Radiant Serum is my ultimate go-to facial product. It is my little rescuer in a small bottle. Packed with quality Sh’Zen ingredients to deliver healthy, glowing and radiant skin. No more tired and dry skin for me anymore, only the great compliments I receive for beautiful skin right thought the year.

Face-lifting brightness

Tertia Marriott, clinical aromatherapist

Indispensable at any age, this serum wraps my skin in a silky cocoon that instantly illuminates, brightens and smooths out any unevenness. I reach for this product whenever I detect any dryness or dullness on my skin as I am super confident in the results it delivers: face-lifting brightness. Try it!

Perfect pick-me-up


If you have dull, tired-looking skin, and are in desperate need of a pick-me-up, then this is the perfect product for you! I use it as a stand-alone treatment, which I apply in the mornings, and my skin has improved 10-fold! It is smooth and supple, and has a natural glow to it. I am also less prone to breakouts (especially when it is that time of the month!).

Improved my skin tone


The Baobab and Rosehip in this product have done wonders for my skin tone. I don’t ever want to be without this product.

Instant facelift


This is an instant facelift in a bottle. This amazing serum makes me look radiant and hydrated even on my most stressful days. This magic serum has even erased my fine lines. It’s a daily must for me.

Absorbs easily


My favorite Sh’Zen facial product. It absorbs easily so there’s no greasy feeling or shiny look. It makes my skin feel nourished and moisturised. Love it!

Full of goodness


This is the most amazing product! Smells great and feeds my skin with goodness.

Silk in a bottle


I love my Radiant Serum as it makes my skin look alive – and the pearly lustre it delivers is gorgeous. It’s like silk in a bottle for your skin.

Feel its magic


The PhytoExquisites™ Radiant Serum is a stunning product that sorts out my fine lines and sensitive patches. I love the silkiness of it. I can literally feel its magic!

Can’t live without it

Ingrid - Cape Town

I can’t live without my Radiant Serum – it’s the crème de la crème of facial serums. The texture, smell and result are 10/10!

Strongly recommend it

Fadheelah - Cape Town

I suffer from extreme dry skin. This together with the fact that the stress caused by a tragedy which I suffered recently, has taken a toll on my skin. I desperately needed a product that would give my skin an instant boost and I opted for the Radiant Serum, which worked like magic! I instantly felt the dryness disappear and my dull, lifeless, ageing skin got much-needed help! My skin is glowing and I have not even used a quarter of the bottle yet. The serum is potent so you only have to use a tiny amount in the morning and at night. The product goes a long way and it’s inexpensive compared to other serums. I would strongly recommend this awesome product!

Totally awesome


I cannot explain how awesome the Radiant Serum is. I have a very dry skin, with lots of age lines on it. But what a difference I can see in just one week of using the serum. One friend said ‘you look like you’ve had a face lift’ and another, ‘you look eight years younger’. Wow!


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