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Scrub Stone for feet


This light, porous stone works quickly and effectively to remove the build-up of dead skin cells, delivering smooth, beautiful feet within minutes.

It’s simple and quick to use and can easily be incorporated into your existing hygiene routine.

Controls the build-up of hard, rough skin on the heels and soles of the feet.

Helps to prevent bacterial and other infections that can find a home in cracks and abrasions.

Smooth heels mean you can wear summer sandals with confidence – and that pantyhose last longer.

If cleaned properly and regularly, the Scrub Stone will have a life span of several years.

Rub it gently but firmly over the heels and soles of your feet, preferably in the bath or shower.

Leave the stone to drain and dry out thoroughly after use. Soak it in a solution of bleach every two weeks to clean and disinfect it.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

Amazing results


The Overnight Balm and Scrub Stone for feet combination was what got me into Sh’Zen – I had such badly cracked heels that they used to bleed! Within days of using the Overnight Balm along with the Scrub Stone I saw my skin healing and the cracks disappearing, and subsequently have recommended and seen amazing results with people who’s feet were in even poorer condition than mine were at the time!



Wow! This is an awesome product and has really helped ‘scrub’ away the hard skin from the heels and soles of my feet.

My feet look so much better


The scrub stone is great for when your feet are an emergency case. I had such dry, cracked heels that I was embarrassed to show them. But after using the Scrub Stone in combination with the Overnight Balm for two weeks, my feet look so much better!

Never fails


I no longer suffer from cracked heels thanks to the Scrub Stone. It has lasted me years and never failed to keep the skin on my heels soft and healthy.


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