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Spa Additive for feet 450g

R399 450g

This foot soak contains revitalising essential oils that clean, soothe and refresh feet, as well as oxygen-releasing agents that soften skin and improve circulation. Use it on its own to unwind after a busy day or as the first step in a pampering pedicure. After a 10-minute soak your feet – and you – will feel like new.


Witch Hazel is a superb astringent and antiseptic that works to clear congestion, excess oil and dirt. It also has a cooling, vaso-restricting action that soothes inflammation and irritation.

Tea tree has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties. It cleans and protects feet and helps to clear up skin problems such as athlete’s foot.

Niaouli is also an antiseptic that helps to clean wounds and clear up skin infections, as well as a strong analgesic that works to relieve rheumatic and other pain.

Oxygen releasing agents soften hard skin and prepare feet for further treatments.

Pour 5-10mg into a foot spa or a bowl of comfortably warm water. Soak feet for 10 minutes, then dry with a towel. For best results, use at least once a week.

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What other customers say

This foot soak is absolutely amazing!


When my feet are feeling tired and sore, even dry at times, I just pop my feet into a bowl of warm water, add a scoop of the Spa Additive and my feet feel good and soft straight away. This foot soak is absolutely amazing!

Sandal ready


I always have the Spa Additive for feet in my home to disinfect cuts and to soak and soften my feet so they can be sandal ready and beautiful for summer.



The Spa Additive for feet, with Niaouli and Tea tree, is not just a foot soak but I also use it to disinfectant open wounds. In fact, it’s fantastic for all kinds of infections and it’s an ABSOLUTE MUST in my household especially for its antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities.

A must in my first aid kit


The Spa Additive for feet is also a must in my first aid kit – I use it to soothe my tired feet and as a disinfectant in water for all wounds. I rub it on my inner thighs and underarms for hyperpigmentation and use it in the bath for a relaxing soak.

Walking on air


When I first soaked my feet in the Spa Additive for feet I felt like I was literally walking on air. Not only did its revitalising properties rejuvenate my feet, but it also took the tiredness and pain out of my entire body.

My toe heeled without a scar and without any infection


I nearly cut my big toe off when I dropped a butcher’s knife onto my foot. I immediately soaked my foot in a basin of warm water and added the Spa Additive for feet. Ten minutes later the bleeding had stopped and I did not need to go to the doctor for stitches. I used it twice daily for a soak and just bandaged the toe up. My toe heeled without a scar and without any infection.

So many uses


The Spa Additive for feet is the one product that I am never without! I use it for so many different things but it is my go-to for cleaning wounds as it does not burn and starts the healing process. I bath my 3-year-old in it every evening, as it softens the water – and on the days when he is covered in dirt from top to toe, I add an extra teaspoon!

Helps my dry skin


An excellent foot soak! Smells great and moisturises, disinfects and soothes feet! I also use it in the bath where it helps my dry skin.

Love the results


Love this product. it works wonders as it always relaxes, smooths and refreshes my feet. I also use it to bathe whenever my skin gets itchy. Simply love the effect and results of this product.

Soothes tired feet


A must for sore, aching feet. There’s no better treatment than Spa Additive to soothe tired feet and improve circulation.

Softens feet


The Spa Additive is refreshing and fragrant! It loosens all the hardness under and around your feet and toes. While you sit and relax, it does all the hard work of softening your feet!

Home essential


This is an amazing product to have. I use it in the bath, as a sanitiser, on my furniture, to mop the floors, to bath my dogs, and I put it in the wash with my towels. I can’t do without it in my home.

Amazing uses


I am so in love with my Spa Additive. I use it in my bath and I add it to my washing. It makes my clothes and towels so soft and smell so good! I also use it when bathing the cats and dogs and washing their bedding. I put it in my cleaning water when mopping the floors. I even put some in a spray bottle and spray it on the carpets and chairs. This product is amazing!

Happy feet


This saves my aching feet every time I soak them. I have bad cellulitis and using this product helps to alleviate the soreness and redness of my feet. I use it every time my feet give me grief and agony. A good soak and I am sorted and have ‘happy feet’ again. Cannot do without it.

My go-to product

Lynn - Blackheath

I just love the Spa Additive for feet. It’s my go-to product for so many things, not just my feet. I use it for a tub soak when my skin feels dry. I use it in the rinse water for my hair if it’s too oily. I give my son a cool bath with it when he has a fever. I even use it when I rinse the cat and dog after a bath. Spa Additive is the go-to product in our household. Everyone uses it. Thank you Sh’Zen for a wonderful product. We love it.

Great products


After using the Spa Additive, the Exfoliator and Overnight Balm, I have noticed a dramatic improvement to my feet. Even my beauty therapist commented that my feet did not have any dry skin. Great products!

Long lasting effects


Great product – my feet stayed soft for an entire week after using it.

Wonderful smell


I love the wonderful peppermint smell of this product – and the results!



This foot soak is amazing. It smells so fresh and leaves my feet feeling silky soft.

A doctor in a tub!


This wonderful product is a doctor in the tub. I have very sensitive skin and I love how it soothes irritations and leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft.


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