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Study Aid Aroma Memory Oil

R179 10ml

This powerful memory aid uses scent to stimulate recall and enhance mental clarity. Use it to help you remember information when you’re studying, to improve your concentration, or simply to help you combat mental fatigue during times of overwork and stress.

Lemon brings clarity of thought and combats mental fatigue.

Basil strengthens memory recall and counteracts indecision.

Geranium relieves tension and is the perfect study comforter.

Peppermint offers an immediate wake-up call and stimulates concentration.

Rosemary invigorates the mind and memory and helps us to cope with overwork and exhaustion.

Rub the oil on your wrists and around your hairline when you’re studying and its scent will become associated with the information you’re learning. When the exam comes along, apply the same rollerball to your skin and the aroma stimulates your memory to recall the information.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

Makes study time happier


Thank you for making study time a much happier time in my household. I’ve been using the Study Aid on my 10-year-old son, who struggles to concentrate, making homework time a nightmare. After just two days I can already see a big improvement. Both his concentration and his memory have improved, and he’s not feeling as overwhelmed by the work.

Results speak for themselves


This is a must for anyone who needs to improve their concentration, or just wants some feel-good motivation. I’m a busy working mom studying Accounting, and I used this when studying for my last exam. The results, compared to my other exams, speak for themselves.

Works wonders on my son


My six-year-old son is a real dreamer and struggles to concentrate at school. Last week, I used the Study Aid on him. Well, his teacher specially came to tell me how his work had improved! This really works!

More relaxed and confident


I always struggle to stay focused on one thing at a time, but the Sh’Zen Study Aid was a great help when I was preparing for my mid-year exams. The aroma not only helped with memory retrieval, but it calmed my nerves so that I felt more relaxed and confident.


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