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Super Fat Burner

R389 60 vegicaps

These vegicaps kickstart metabolism, suppress appetite and increase fat oxidation to help get you in better shape – and increase your overall energy.

Green Coffee Bean Extract promotes weight loss by reducing the body’s absorption of fats and glucose.

Green Tea Extract is a powerful fat burner high in antioxidants.

Olive Leaf Extract has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to lower blood pressure and stabilise blood sugar levels.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract helps to block your body’s ability to make fat and suppresses appetite.

Red Pepper Extract strengthens digestion, boosts metabolism and stimulates the body to burn more fat.

Raspberry Ketones improve the metabolism of fat, break down stored fat and increase energy.

Caffeine can boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning. It can also blunt appetite and helps you eat less.

Take one to two vegicaps morning and/or at lunch time before eating, with a large glass of water. For best results, drink 6-8 glasses of water daily, eat a healthy diet and reduce intake of fatty and sweet foods.

CAUTION: Do not take if pregnant, breast-feeding or suffering from a serious health condition – or with any chronic medication. Always consult with your health practitioner first. Not suitable for children.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

Kickstarted my metabolism

Tracey - Cape Town

I have tried many weight-loss products and have always lost some kilograms, and then picked up more. But with the Super Fat Burner I have lost a whopping 21kg in one year. It kickstarted my metabolism and gave me loads of energy – with no side effects. This is without physical exercise or a special diet. I’m still losing weight slowly and have not picked up the extra kilograms again. This is my absolute favourite product.”

Secret weapon

Steve - Cape Town

In my 40s and 50s, I picked up an extra 20kg. Encouraged by my son, I’ve now started to take the Sh’Zen Super Fat Burner every morning. I was sceptical at first, but this product really has speeded up my metabolism and curbed my appetite between meals. In fact, I’ve been able to maintain my overnight fast until 11am most mornings. Two months later, I am 9,6kg lighter, much healthier, enjoying wearing clothes I haven’t been able to fit into for years and, together with my ‘secret weapon’, I am ready to lose the next 9kg.

A kick of energy

Shehaam - Cape Town

I pop two of these capsules each and every day. I can definitely see an increase in my metabolism. It’s also helped with my cravings, as I have a sweet tooth. Best of all, it gives me a kick of energy every day – if I don’t take these capsules I’m usually sluggish and exhausted by 3pm. Thank you Sh’Zen – I’m over 40 and still able to maintain my weight.

Can’t do without it


I’ve lost 12kg since I started taking these. I still take one a day and, even with eating more sweet stuff during lockdown, I have not gained any weight back. I can’t do without this!

I have lost 25kg


I started taking the Super Fat Burner just over five months ago and have lost 25.5kg. I take two capsules every morning before breakfast. They suppress appetite, making you eat less. They also boost your metabolism and increase fat oxidation, which means your body burns more fat. I would strongly recommend these to anyone who needs to lose weight in an easy, simple way.


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