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Thermal Relief for feet

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This soothing, ointment-like balm delivers an alternating warming and cooling sensation to bring instant relief to tired, sore muscles and help heal minor cuts, bruises and sprains. It also stimulates microcirculation and has a strong, invigorating scent that re-energises both body and mind.

Arnica is a natural anti-inflammatory that soothes sprains, reduces bruising and helps to ease tense muscles.

Capsicum warms stiff arthritic joints and sore muscles to bring relief from pain. It also boosts the metabolism and improves circulation.

Cinnamon is a natural antiseptic that is good for minor cuts and bruises. It has a warming effect on the body that helps to relieve cramps and general stiffness.

Elemi has natural antiseptic and analgesic qualities. It rejuvenates skin and treats cuts, wounds and skin infections.

Menthol produces an immediate cooling effect on the skin and works as a local anaesthetic to ease pain and reduce irritation.

After bathing, showering or soaking your feet in the Spa Additive, apply 2-5ml to each foot. Massage into the foot and ankle area in circular, clockwise motions for at least five minutes to allow the essential oils to penetrate into the skin.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

All my pain, stiffness and spasms were gone


One evening at a Team Leader meeting my back went in to an excruciating spasm. Heather, immediately recommended that I use the Thermal Relief for feet and when I commented on the strong smell, she said that she came to associate the smell with pain relief. That evening, in extreme pain and struggling to walk, I applied some on my back. The next morning all my pain, stiffness and spasms were gone.

Reduces swelling


I have problems with bad oedema as a result of having high blood pressure. The Thermal Relief cream is the only thing that helps reduce the swelling and pain in my legs. I just love it.

So therapeutic


I love the relief this brings to my sore foot. I have used different products and even went to the doctor, but nothing helps like this does. It is so therapeutic. I also use it when I get a tight chest, especially in winter, and it really helps.

Absolute godsend


I absolutely love Sh’Zen’s Thermal Relief as it is an absolute Godsend when it comes to relieving lower back pain and it instantly helps sore tired feet after a long day.

Gone with cramps!


As a nurse I work 12-hours shifts and am on my feet most of my shift. I get bad leg cramps especially on night duty. Thermal Relief lives in my work bag and gives me that instant cooling sensation and relief when applied to my legs. Gone with cramps!

Works for migraines


This is my absolute go-to product! I use it on a daily basis. I love the cooling/warm sensation it gives and the fact that it absorbs quickly. I struggle with migraines and this has worked wonders for me. Best thing about it – it smells amazing! Feels like my own personal home spa.

Saved my sanity


It is my saviour, especially in winter when the cramps I often seemed to get in my feet intensified terribly. Problem solved with a nightly massage with my favourite Thermal Relief – and I now sleep like a baby! Thanks Sh’Zen, for saving my sanity

Miracle cure


It’s amazing for restless legs and achy muscles. I often have issues with my legs at night when I sleep. They get restless, cramp and wake me up. I use this miracle cure and it helps ease and soothe the pain quickly. I love this!

Instant relief


My mother is 83 and just loves this product. She had a pin put in her hip and was suffering from constant pain. She uses this and has instant relief when applying it. A must have in everyone’s home.

Always next to my bed

Heather T

I always have it next to my bed. A gentle massage on any area of my body that hurts – from arthritis joint pain to sore muscles – gives quick relief. My husband is diabetic and I massage his feet with it to improve the circulation. It has a very soothing and therapeutic effect.

Relieves restless legs


My absolute favourite product. I have restless legs and use it daily to relieve the symptoms. I  also keep a tube in my first-aid box as you can use it for any aches and sprains.

Great for runners


I am a runner and even though I am used to running long distances, my muscles complain from time to time. Thermal Relief works wonderful on those days.

Can’t be without it


This kills restless legs in their tracks. I can’t be without it.

My winter must-have!


I don’t like my feet to be cold in winter – I don’t think anyone does – so I massage my feet with Thermal Relief before going to bed. If I’m going out dancing, or walking, then I apply this before putting on my shoes. I can trust that my feet will remain comfortable and happy. I also apply it for the relief of any aches and pains.

Winter favourite


My favourite winter product. Keeps feet warm, or cools down hot feet, whichever is needed. I love the aroma, which helps to soothe mind and body.

Eases my burning feet


This has helped so much to ease my burning sore feet, which I’m told is to do with circulation. After using the Sh’Zen Spa Additive to soak my feet, a good massage with the Thermal Relief for feet provides the best relief. I would recommend it to anyone who is on their feet for long hours, or anyone who suffers from sore, burning, tired feet.

Instant results


When my hands get very cold and I warm them too quickly, they itch terribly. I used to scratch my hands until they bleed as the itching sometimes continued for hours. Out of desperation, I tried the Thermal Relief. The itching stopped in minutes!

Use it every night!


I suffer with heel spurs and use inner soles prescribed by my doctor. The Thermal Relief is on my bedside table to use every night after showering because it gives me so much relief.

Winter must-have

Lesley - Zimbabwe

I had Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS), which paralysed me 22 years ago and resulted in permanent nerve damage in my feet. So my feet are always cold. I can’t go without the Thermal Relief for feet during the winter months. I just love this product.

Great for colds too

Dawn Fester - Cape Town

I love to rub the Thermal Relief on my nostrils when I have a cold. It helps to relieve the sensitivity!

Amazing product

Charmaine - Cape Town

The Thermal Relief for feet is the best Sh’Zen product by far. The spicy aroma even heals my headaches. It is amazing.

Opens the chest too


This is the best thing for a tight chest! I use it on my granddaughter whenever she has a cold or the flu.

Winter favourite


I couldn’t live without this product in winter; it helps ease my cold, achy feet.


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