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Ultra Rich Shea Butter Beauty Sleep for hands

R259 75ml

This rich overnight hand balm treats skin to a rich blend of reparative, anti-ageing actives. Shea Butter, Marula and Sesame oils nourish skin to keep it soft and supple. Patchouli, Sandalwood and Mandarin are deeply hydrating and healing, plus are known for their soothing, relaxing properties that promote sleep.

Shea Butter is a superb hydrator and healer, and will leave hands soft, smooth and rehydrated.

Marula and Sesame oils keep skin soft and supple, and ease eczema and psoriasis.

Patchouli and Sandalwood promote healing and are excellent in treating dry, chapped skin.

Mandarin is soothing and helps to slow down ageing.

Apply this beautiful balm generously just before retiring to bed. Awaken to smooth, rehydrated and younger looking skin.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

Calming essential oils


I have had trouble sleeping at night but after using the Ultra Rich Shea Butter Beauty Sleep for hands I have slept so much better. I simply massage it into my hands and deeply inhale the soothing and calming essential oils.

Heavenly smell


This product is amazing. It leaves my hands silky smooth and soft and makes them look younger. The smell is an added bonus – it’s heavenly.

I sleep so well


This is my favourite Sh’Zen product. Since its launch it is next to my bed every night. Aside from the amazing results on my hands, I sleep so well from the smell of the essential oils – no more sleeping pills and sleepless nights. The Ultra Rich Shea Butter Beauty Sleep works for my hands and the whole of me!

Heals the damage


I love gardening and I used to be on the open roads running half marathons, which meant a lot of training when I was young. Together with a nice tanned body came the rapid ageing of the skin. My sun-exposed hands really longed for this beautiful mix of Marula and Mandarin essential oils to help heal the damage done by the sun. I don’t go to bed without my Ultra Rich Shea Beauty Sleep for Hands.

I love the richness


I literally feel like I have new hands since I started using this. From the very first use, I was hooked. I love the richness of the cream, the gorgeous blue tube and the wonderful aromas of Sandalwood, Marula, Patchouli and Mandarin.

Restored my hands


I love the texture and smell. It leaves my hands soft and smooth, and it is quickly absorbed into the skin. My hands were in a deplorable state with all the sanitisers I was using but after regular use of this nourishing product they are restored and looking better than ever.

Happy cream

Marlinda - Brooklyn

This luxurious hand cream has become a fast favourite. The smell takes me to my happy place. My hands and cuticles have never been so soft.

My new favourite

Maria - Kenilworth

This is my new favourite night-time product. I suffer from dry hands, and this night-time treatment is a great way to moisturise my hands. It is a really valuable product.


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