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Vitamin C Booster

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A technologically advanced skin care treatment that effectively brightens and evens the skin’s natural complexion and restores the appearance of youth, that time has taken away.

Squalane is an olive-derived natural ingredient, that is one of the most common lipids produced by our skin cells, and it is an important part of our sebum. It strengthens the skin barrier and helps the skin to retain moisture. It also helps skin stay clean from impurities and pollutants and is ideal for every skin type, but especially for dry skin. It is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and will not irritate skin.

Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate), a powerful antioxidant, improves skin elasticity, diminishes the appearance of age spots, helps to repair UV damage and counters photo-ageing. Vitamin C also stimulates more collagen production and keeps existing collagen healthy, so your skin can have a more plump, healthy appearance.

Add a few drops to your Sh’Zen facial oils, serums and creams to maximize their efficiency, or apply a few drops directly onto your face and neck.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

Younger looking skin


Wow! The Vitamin C Booster is such an amazing product to be able to increase the moisture in my facial skin and reduce the pigmentation caused by the sun on my face and hands. Using it together with my White Jasmine Facial Essence has kept my skin looking younger and plumper in such a short space of time.



I started using the Vitamin C Booster on the morning of the 12th October, together with the Sh’Zen Mega–C & Rosehip Tablets. I could notice a visible difference as early as the second day! But in the last 2 weeks FIVE different friends at different times, have complimented me on my skin, all saying that it’s looking amazing. So I know without a doubt that this duo is a winner. Looking after our skin from the outside AND the inside is so important. Add this powerful combo to your daily skincare routine if you want radiant glowing skin.

I look – and feel – years younger!


I mix two drops of the amazing Vitamin C Booster with my Cellular Boost for neck & bust. I want to ensure my chest area looks younger and is free of blemishes and sun spots. The combination of these two products are formulated to protect and rehydrate my décolletage, making me look – and feel – years younger!



Earlier this year, I underwent surgery to remove a basal carcinoma from my cheek. It was literally a spot the size of a small freckle. I was dismayed by the post op scar, as it was substantial, running across half my face. The  plastic surgeon was happy that  I use one of our beautiful facial oils together with the Vitamin C Booster which I was testing, as part of the recovery process. The healing was so impressive that even he was pleasantly surprised! My scar is now almost invisible to the eye… I call the Sh’Zen Vitamin C Booster my ‘overachiever’ and will happily recommend it to everyone.

Luminous and bright


I was lucky enough to have a supply of the Vitamin C Booster during testing and trial phase. Friends kept asking me, ‘what are you using on your skin?’ It is luminous and bright! Please tell us as we want some too! I am so happy to have a good supply now, as too soon the testers ran out and I have waited anxiously for the Birthday promotion to have a supply to use AND share again with all my friends.


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