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White Jasmine Facial Essence

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Stimulate, restore and revive slack or stressed skin with this 100% natural elixir of regenerating essential oils. It bursts with the heady scent of Jasmine, a floral essence that works to release our inner beauty while it restores skin elasticity and calms stress-related irritations. It’s blended with seven other carefully selected essential oils that together address every skin condition. It can be used everyday, or as a special vitality booster for skin that has lost tonicity and vibrancy due to illness, high levels of stress, or hormonal or seasonal changes.

Jasmine calms stress-related skin disorders, alleviates dryness and is soothing on irritated or inflamed skin. Its fragrance inspires us to embrace our sensuality and restores our femininity.

Star Anise cleanses and purifies congested skin and promotes a glowing, vibrant complexion. Its sweet, seductive energy imparts confidence and vitality.

Black Pepper stimulates the circulation, bringing warmth and nourishment to the skin. Analgesic and antiseptic in action, it protects the skin from bacterial infection. It imparts strength and power to help us move forward in life.

Rosewood enhances skin elasticity, helping to lift and firm loose skin, soften facial lines and tone the skin. It uplifts the mind with its spirited, passionate aroma.

Bergamot helps to calm, soothe and rebalance sensitive or irritated skin conditions, and restores a youthful joy to the spirit.

Vetiver is especially beneficial to ageing skin, promoting tissue regeneration and wound healing, and calming tired, stressed skin. It is the oil of tranquillity, helping to ground us and connect us to our feminine energy that is embracing, deep and warm.

Cedarwood, a powerful tissue regenerator and healing remedy for the skin, cleanses and rejuvenates the skin, while stimulating micro circulation and boosting new cell growth. It’s a grounding oil that strengthens the psyche with renewed focus and concentration.

Sandalwood, a wonderful tissue regenerator and tonic, benefits all skin conditions. It also helps us to embrace our emotions with inner calm.

After cleansing and toning, massage this luxurious oil into skin using light, upward circular motions.

Radiant reviews

What other customers say

Wonderfully luxurious


This is such a wonderfully luxurious oil. I love the strong scent of jasmine – it immediately lifts my spirits. Most of all, though, I love how it makes my skin look and feel – soft, supple and glowing with vitality. I use it every day and have seen a marked improvement in my skin. I no longer have any rough, dry patches.

Firm favourite for winter

Daniela Massenz, beauty editor

As soon as I applied the Sh’Zen White Jasmine Facial Essence, I fell in love with its beautiful aroma of jasmine and bergamot. As it warmed on my skin, a spicy star anise and black pepper aroma came through. The light, smooth oil absorbed quickly and left my face feeling beautifully soft and nourished, and not at all greasy. My skin also had a lovely, natural glow. The essence feels so luxurious, soothing and nourishing that it’s going to be a firm favourite for winter.

Greatest ever


The White Jasmine Facial Essence is my absolute favourite oil from Sh’Zen. The fragrance is divinely relaxing. My skin not only looks great, it feels fantastic. The results I have had are truly remarkable. My blemishes are lighter and my fine lines reduced. Even my freckles are less! Dry skin is a distant memory. During these stressful times we are living in this is the greatest product ever!

Emotional upliftment


I experience emotional upliftment each time I apply the White Jasmine Facial Essence to my skin – the aroma is captivating!

Beautiful aroma


I love the beautiful aroma. Your skin is left feeling blanketed in a luxurious layer of rich jasmine with a delicious scent of spicy star anise and black pepper coming through. It makes you feel as though you’re dancing in a forest…

Brings so much relief


The Jasmine Facial Essence calms and soothes my problematic, dry, sensitive skin. I have lupus outbreaks regularly on my face and this product brings so much relief. It is safe and has no side-effects.

A lifesaver


This has been an absolute lifesaver this winter! Between the colder temperatures and wearing a mask during the day, I have gotten dry, itchy scaly patches on my cheeks and nose, which burn when I put most creams on. I use this morning and night, and it has soothed the patches, relieved the burn and my skin looks so much healthier.

Puts a smile on my face


My White Jasmine always puts a smile on my face. I apply it when I feel tired, down and my face needs that so important pick-me-up. I feel and look like I am back to my old self again. Glowing and rejuvenated!

Try it!


I love the uplifting aroma of the essential oils! Plus my skin looks and feels amazing! A win on so many levels. Try it! Your skin will thank you.

Boosts my skin


This product is my personal favourite for the way it boosts my skin at the end of a hard day. I just pat it on and allow the 100% natural elixir of regenerating essential oils to restore a luminous, youthful glow.


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